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ABOUT ME – Razz Smith

Primarily, I treat musculoskeletal conditions, pain & correct alignment

Firstly you will fill out a confidential intake form. Then we discuss your reason for the visit and what your goals are. From there I assess you, this will include a musculoskeletal assessment, which may include pelvic alignment, joint/rib mobility, movement patterns and soft tissue structures, and orthopaedic tests. As we talk I will take many layers into consideration before I treat you and do my best to work with you to achieve the desired outcome. 

I employ a myriad of modalities. These include FINCH Therapy (alignment correction), Dry Needle Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilisation and Trigger Point Therapy, Kinesio Taping and Myofascial Release


Weight Lifting Class


I have been in practice for over 30 amazing years of healing, working in various establishments and rolls.

  • Private practice Brisbane/Sunshine Coast
  • Worked with the Australian Institute of Sport
  • Worked with the Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Worked and travelled with the Australian Sprint Kayak Team (Nationally and Internationally)
  • Delivered the Diploma of Athlete Support at TAFE Sunshine Coast
  • Worked with Elite and Amature athletes
  • Delivered a number of private lectures and guest lectures
  • Currently working in Maroochydore Sunshine Coast

WHAT IS MY Philosophy

My philosophy is to be passionate about what I do.

Most people in this industry have a genuine interest in helping others. As I am one of these people, I consider myself one of the lucky ones who actually love’s their work. As I have evolved in this field over the years it has become more apparent that I have this deeply embedded intrigue with how and why things work or don’t work.

To me great discoveries can still be made, and the more findings or mysteries we unfold the more doors and channels open. Then we realise how much we don’t know! Though the importance of years of study is the greatest foundation, but what’s built on top of this foundation are the extraordinary moments of life, called experience. We may see similarities and patterns that people present but no two are exactly the same. This fires my curiosity and lures me on the path of discoveries to put the missing pieces together.