The first fully automatic standalone SCENAR device in the WORLD!

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For treatment of Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral spine.
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SCENAR®-Vertebra is the first fully automatic, standalone SCENAR device in the world!, that delivers dynamic electrostimulation and electromassage.

The SCENAR-Vertebra provides simple and easy treatment of the neck, spine, lower, mid and upper back.


SCENAR®-Vertebra is an advanced form of interactive neurostimulation proven to provide long term pain relief.


SCENAR®-Vertebra utilises the Genuine SCENAR signal – unique two-phase bipolar impulses. The electrical signals generated by the device are similar in form to the body’s own endogenous neurological impulses. In this way the body does not recognise them as alien or invasive therefore negative side effects as a result of the therapy are virtually non-existent


The most unique characteristic of the SCENAR technology is that it can induce changes in the parameters of its impulse automatically and in accordance with the body’s response to the device. The device does this by monitoring the skin’s reaction to the impulse and then changes the electric impulse it is sending out. Therefore active interaction means that maximal therapeutic effectiveness can be achieved.

The device can be applied in the following cases: 

As the main treatment option in case of drug intolerance and contraindications to other options;

As a part of a complex therapy for enhancing the effect of the main drug, homeopathic, manual therapy, as well as psychotherapy and other methods of treatment;

As a symptomatic treatment for various painful conditions and syndromes.